We’re on a mission to democratize retail.

Bulletin’s guiding principle: help retail businesses build their empire, on their terms. For decades, the rules of traditional retail have been etched in stone. And for many modern, digital brands, the rules need to change. There should be an easier, data-driven way to find the perfect stockists who are excited to carry your product. And we believe in empowering retailers with the data they need to discover and sell items their customers love. Since launching in 2015, Bulletin has helped hundreds of digitally-native brands access physical retail space for the very first time, unlocking one of the most powerful commerce channels at their disposal. And now, we’re helping premium retailers access vetted, fool-proof products they can’t find anywhere else. Our Stitch-Fix-style service helps retailers curate data-driven assortments that are built to sell like hotcakes.

Through running three bustling storefronts around New York City, we’ve built a tight-knit community of female-led brands and creative entrepreneurs. We host monthly programming across our three spaces to take our support for small businesses to the next level. Because Bulletin isn’t just a technology: we are a real-life hub for women looking to find financial agency through the brands they’ve built with love, elbow grease, and lots of hustle.

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