We're building a broad(er) economy.

We wanted to create a place that felt tailor-made for girls like us. A place where we could fall in love with everything and actually afford it. A place where the retail staff was our age and cared about the same stuff we did. A place that used every inch of space to support and celebrate female voices. This store is fully stocked with our fave female-run brands, and a generous % of your purchase today goes directly to Planned Parenthood of New York City. Welcome to Bulletin. A store built by women, just for you.

Our stores feature products from female-led brands that, until now, have only sold on the internet. Instead of wholesale or consignment, Bulletin rents sections of our store on a month-to-month basis, which has lowered the barrier to entry for physical retail. Now, digital brands can quickly plug into our in-store community. The coolest part? Bulletin gives 10% of all store proceeds to Planned Parenthood of NYC.

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  • Alana Branston

  • Ali Kriegsman

  • Maggie Braine

  • Rachel Hodes

  • Vanessa Enriquez

  • Sona Martirosian

  • Maria Chimishkyan

  • Alex Diaz-Aleman

  • Daria Donato

  • Nadira Persaud

  • Kiara Brown

  • Jade Shenker

  • Maeve Kinney

  • Lauren Rogers

  • Vanessa Agosto

  • Vivian Arias

  • Danielle Tancredi

  • Chloe DeChambeau

  • Angie Cosmo

  • Halle Miller

  • Lauren Young

  • Mackenzie Brady

  • Lauren Lucitt

  • Candace Braude

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