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At Bulletin, we’re building experiential retail stores for women. Our fully-female team set out to launch a store from scratch, where shopping and community building were, for the first time, one in the same. We celebrate women with every inch of our stores, through our design, shopping experience, product selection and programming. Each item we sell was dreamed up by a female entrepreneur. Every event we host is meant to inspire and bring women together.

Our stores feature products from female-led brands that, until now, have only sold on the internet. Instead of wholesale or consignment, Bulletin rents sections of our store on a month-to-month basis, which has lowered the barrier to entry for physical retail. Now, digital brands can quickly plug into our in-store community. The coolest part? Bulletin gives 10% of all store profits to Planned Parenthood of NYC.

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  • Alana Branston

  • Ali Kriegsman

  • Maggie Braine

  • Rachel Hodes

  • Elle Draper

  • Noelle Wyman

  • Vanessa Enriquez

  • Nadira Persaud

  • Kiara Brown

  • Alex Diaz-Aleman

  • Daria Donato

  • Jade Shenker

  • Vivian Arias

  • Danielle Tancredi

  • Chloe DeChambeau

  • Vanessa Agosto

  • Lauren Rogers

  • Maeve Kinney

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